dinsdag 17 september 2013

Today in Small Business: Frauds and Cyber-attacks, Abney and Associates AA Code 85258081704


o The Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission have put together a list of a few popular small-business scams to watch for, including charity pitches: while many charity requests are legitimate, “every year small-business people become victims of fraudulent or deceptive charitable solicitation schemes. Make sure to always check out the charity at give.org.”
o A Home Depot wedding proposal video goes viral.

The Economy

Lawrence H. Summers withdraws from consideration for chairman of the Federal Reserve.
Here’s what might really happen if Congress plays chicken with the debt ceiling.
On the fifth anniversary of the collapse of Lehman Brothers, President Obama warns his opponents not to oppose raising the nation’s debt limit, not threaten to close down the government in a budget fight, and not to push to delay the health care law or starve it of federal money.
Gretchen Morgenson thinks little has been done to protect us from another financial collapse: “For all the new regulations governing derivatives, mortgages and bank holding companies, a crucial vulnerability remains. It’s found in our vast and opaque securities-financing system, known as the repurchase obligation or repo market. Now $4.6 trillion in size, it is where almost every financial crisis since the 1980s has begun. Little has been done, however, to reduce its risks.”

Around the Country

On the Jersey Shore, dozens of businesses were destroyed by the recent fire — including a much beloved family business — and many of them did not have fire insurance.


PayPal pledges to overhaul its approach to crowd funding.


Oxford researchers say 45 percent of America’s occupations will be automated within the next 20 years.
A record number of cyber-attacks are targeting small business.
Want your very own Nsa.org e-mail address? It’s only $100.

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